This Fund aims to achieve both stable income generation and capital preservation by investing 100% of the portfolio assets in high quality short-term securities such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers and Fixed Deposits that are rated “BBB” and above.

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Benefit of Investing

Below are some of the benefit of investing in AIICO Balanced Fund

Capital Preservation

Our capital preservation strategy aims to prevent losses, maintain capital and keep pace with inflation.

Competitive Returns

We provide competitive returns on your investment based on market and portfolio performance .

Portfolio Diversification

we invest in different asset classes and securities in order to minimize the overall risk of the portfolio.

Online Access

We will provide you with 24/7 access to your investment account through our web-portal

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AIICO Balanced Fund is an open-ended mutual fund investing in fixed income securities, money market instruments and equities.

Ease of entry and exit of invested units.

Diversification of funds invested i.e., primarily invests in both quoted and unquoted equities, FGN bonds, treasury bills, commercial papers and fixed deposit placements.

The minimum investment amount is N10,000.00

More stable returns than direct equity investments.

Supplementary yearly income streams from declared dividends.

Competitive returns

Professional Fund Management

Online Access

Capital preservation

The Fund is rated Aa (f) by Agusto & Co

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Alternatively, complete our Subscription Form and email [email protected] with the following documentation. Please note that you are not required to make payment at this stage. Below is a list of items you are to submit with the subscription form;

One passport photograph for each applicant

A government issued identity card (national ID card, Driver’s license, International Passport, Voter’s card etc.)

Proof of address showing your name/surname

The account will be opened within one business day and your e-account number will be sent to you via email

Upon receipt of the e-account number, transfer the amount to be invested to the designated bank account (find below) using your e-account number as reference/remark etc.

Please note that CASH is not an acceptable mode of payment.

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